About Alaina & Mike

“What’s your favorite website?" – The question that started it all

Alaina & Mike met on November 29th, 2005 when Mike came in to interview for an Assistant Media Planner position for his first “real" job out of college. As fate would have it, the first member of the team to interview him was a Media Planner by the name of Alaina. She immediately began grilling him with impossible questions like “Soo…what’s your favorite website?" He responded with “ESPN," the conversation quickly turned to football, and the rest was history…his first day was December 19th.

They quickly went from coworkers to best friends and then a little less quickly from best friends to a couple, eventually getting engaged and at long last married in July 2013.

Alaina has always been a traveler, having been all over the US, Europe, Russia & South Africa before meeting Mike. Mike, on the other hand, had done much less exploring before meeting Alaina. Boy has that changed. He has put his full trust in Alaina’s ability to put together once-in-a-lifetime trips with the perfect mix of adventure, relaxation, scenery, & culture as they slowly check off the cities, states, countries & continents on their travel bucket list.

What’s a TriBlanc?

Ever since the great innovator Bill Shakespeare coined the term “CleopAntony," the world has longed for clever name combinations for couples. Brangelina, TomKat, Bennifer and Kimye regularly make tabloid headlines and capture national attention.

After ringing in New Year’s 2010 in Sunnyside, Queens by scoring the high score on their local pub’s Photo Hunt game, Mike (Tridente) and Alaina (LeBlanc) took over the title of “coolest couple nickname in history." Limited by the number of letters they could use and wanting to show that it was a team effort, they landed on “TriBlanc" as the best way to make their statement atop the leaderboard. The name ¬†stuck and has¬†been their calling card ever since.