March 2012

It helps to know people! We took advantage of the fact that a family member has an INSANE house in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic for a well-deserved tropical vacay. I’m not kidding when I say the house was insane – it had something like 9 bedrooms, amazing outdoor living room with a seamless pool overlooking the ocean, it’s own armed guard (Junior – who was the coolest guy that we want to be friends with forever), a handful of quads to help you get around town, & was even highlighted in a bunch of shots from the dating show Love in the Wild a few years back (for the 2 people that watched that show…). We spent a week driving around DR on the quads like we owned the place, finding secluded tropical beaches to escape to, taking horseback tours to waterfalls & eating our fair share of local seafood. Not a bad place to escape to.