Make Lemonade 

When a missed connecting flight gives you an extra 4 hours in Sydney, ya make lemonade

After being forced to check our carry ons in LA, our flight landed 20 minutes late and our bags were the last to come out at baggage claim. It was then that we realized we would never make our flight and Alaina may have burst into tears at the Air New Zealand desk (4 hours of airplane sleep in 48 hours can do that to a person). It did end up working out because we were able to explore Sydney Harbor and get a direct flight to Christchurch a few hours later.

The harbor is magical! With cafes lining the water and being surrounded by the bridge and opera house, it felt surreal. We were too exhausted to do any major exploring so we had some beer and bubbly overlooking the harbor and enjoyed the sun (alaina may be slightly strawberry, we have to get some sunscreen). Waiting for our 4th (amd final!) flight of the past 24 hours now. See ya in Christchurch!

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